Resume Tips for Educators

Some of these are not educator-specific, but I’m going to just include all the tips I got from the Career Guidance Counselor this week at school.

  1. Remember to focus on the most recent and relevant experiences, education, accomplishments, etcetera (you don’t need to say much about your retail experience seven years ago)
  2. LIMIT IT TO ONE PAGE! (You can always elaborate in person. ALSO- if you have to go onto 2 pages, you must make it even (not just a paragraph on the second page)
  3. Put the most relevant category at the top (for Educators, this would be Education, followed by Field Experience/Work, etc)
  4. Bring letters of recommendation separately to interviews, and references.
  5. Do not use a boring Word template. Be creative, but uniform, and aesthetic.
  6. Be consistent in your verb and word choice (creating, designing or assisted, planned)
  7. Only include your GPA if it is 3.0 or above.
  8. Include any certification in its own section, and you may put “pending” or “anticipated May 2008” for example.
  9. You can break activities into two columns as long as it looks neat.
  10. Possible sections for Educators: Education, Certification, Teaching Experience, Relevant Skills, Memberships, Professional Experience, Service, Achievements, and more.
  11. Name and current address, email, and telephone number at the top, easy to see.

There are many more hints I have, but those are some of the best. Read more on this site about information on interviews and cover letters.

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