Two weeks of seminar done, let the real fun begin

Today was our last seminar. I realized I actually did enjoy my time in the seminars, with the various informative guests in the morning (the nurse, a school and law guy, a differentiating instruction specialist, and so on), and in the afternoon the specific foreign language teaching and methods. It was really nice to have a real French teacher giving input about teaching, whereas all throughout my education courses, there have only been a few examples about foreign language (as opposed to other subjects). I am glad that he will be observing me as well, because the other supervisor speaks Spanish, but he is observing both Spanish and German.

I learned a lot more than I thought I would in two weeks. The book “Contextualized Language Instruction” gives quality research on FL teaching methods and is not too heavy or dry (although sometimes I got a little bored, but that is just me and my poor attention span).

Overall, I’m a little nervous, even about meeting my teacher tomorrow, just because it means that the teaching part is actually coming true…I’m going to be teaching in a week. Aie!

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