First Day Student Teaching- oh my!

Done at 2:15pm vs. my day starting at 2:15pm occasionally in the past. I know, I’ll get over it sometime soon, I almost took a nap but was worried that I would not be able to fall asleep tonight early enough (I have to get up early every day of the week, not just once or twice). It is tough on a night-owl like me.

The Good: I made it through the initial fear and nervousness of day one. The students seemed excited to hear I was going to student teach. My teacher is very accommodating now and it seems like she will be as the weeks go by.

The Not-as-good: It was the day after exams last week so she went over the exams in each class, and I did get a little tired. I was on edge in general (almost the whole day), nervous about handling all those kids, and a bit uneasy around the mostly married and/or having-children faculty at lunch.

The Bad: They ran out of chicken sandwiches in the faculty cafeteria by the time we got there (I guess I’ll have to pack my own lunch now 🙁 ) Did I mention this is 40hrs/week PLUS planning time unpaid?

Something else I was considering is that maybe I do not want to teach. Hehe. I know, first day, but it is a complex and time-consuming process that may take years to get into the groove of. And that is why I created this blog. To vent, to reflect, and to get some outsider input (soon I will ask my friends to write stuff for me (although as teachers I am starting to see more and more why they might not have the time to do it)).

One day down, about 74 full school days to go. Oh boy. Optimism!

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