My First Quiz I Made Up

I gave a quiz over the concepts we had been learning (which were not anywhere near as contextualized as I would have liked) and some students did really poorly on the direct object pronoun section. It made me wonder if I hadn’t taught it enough, or well enough (even though I had incorporated it into clothing and I had been talking about it pretty much since I started teaching them). I had also given homework and feedback on it so they would hopefully understand.

My teacher made a good point about it being hard for them to understand the grammar concepts in English, so I think I will continue to go over direct and indirect object pronouns and give concrete, understandable examples (some in English, even though that’s what I’m trying to move away from)

I had a good time making my first quiz, and drew on what we had gone over in class. I also used my past two decades of schooling and assessments I’ve undergone for reference and finally passed it by my cooperating teacher. She said it looked good and would be appropriate for them based on what they observed.

I thought it was fine until I saw how many kids didn’t do so well on the one section. After talking with my teacher, she defended me and the instruction I’d been giving them. She said that they either weren’t trying hard enough, or were being lazy about paying attention and looking at the generous corrections I’d made on their homework.

In the end I guess it was a decently appropriate assessment because 6th period did fine, and only one person in 2nd period failed.

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