Update to Quiz Troubles- Offering a 1-Time Correction Opportunity

I decided to offer the students who did poorly on the quiz a worksheet on direct object pronouns that they are got to do in class, by themselves in silence. The students seemed happy about this, and were grateful because I said I would give them up to three of the points they missed if they got the entire worksheet correct. For the students who did fine on that section and overall I found a fun clothing crossword puzzle.

I only offered this worksheet to second period. In sixth period, as I said, most of the scores were very good. I also only intend to do something like this once. I didn’t tell them that, which maybe I should have, but I will address it later if it comes up.

When I was going around the room monitoring their work I was surprised to see so many of them still having trouble, even with ones where there was a clear example provided. So I did my best at balancing giving them a little help, with letting them try to figure it out and me figuring that if they didn’t know it by now, it is somewhat their fault for not paying more attention.

That might sound like a bad attitude to have, but there aren’t many more ways I can give examples or get them to practice. Some of them didn’t do the homework at first and some of them were sick a few times.

In the end I was glad that I didn’t have to give a failing grade to the one student.

My teacher also showed me a book that accompanies the text that has a ton of sample quizzes and tests- and they were much easier than what I had given. They were easier because they had a lot more multiple choice, which I don’t think is a really good way to test student’s learning. I think I will use that as a guide and adapt some of the exercises, but I’m glad I challenged the students and most of them rose to the challenge.

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