Thoughts After Returning to my School for Check-in and Info-time

             Again I am reminded that student teaching is a learning process and not a hit-or-miss one time shot at a future in teaching. It was reassuring to hear about other people’s experiences and to realize that for better or for worse I am on a similar page overall.

There were a couple of people with cooperating teachers that were so control-freak-esque that they had just been teaching the teacher’s lesson plans up until this point. I consider myself very lucky because my teacher is so flexible and open to me being in her classroom and allowing me to create a lot of stuff with some guidance from her.

 My to-do list after check-in:

            -Ask my teacher for more help with the details of lesson planning concerning appropriate activities and assessments, as well as the prior knowledge of the students!

            -Use “sponge activities” in the beginning of class to get things started.

            -More directions in French- introduce a new direction-based phrase every day.

            -Start brainstorming ~2-week unit ideas and which class I want to do it with.

-Continue to use more and more French by scaffolding and accompanying that French with visuals and gestures- very important- I’m a French teacher, not an English teacher.

 -Plan more. Also either plan more efficiently, or be prepared to sacrifice even more sleep as I take on more classes. I don’t have enough time for all the planning I need to/want to/should be doing.

These were some thoughts I was having. There were many more, but I’m too busy to remember them right now.

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