Tired…and sick….sick and tired?

I am not sick and tired of student teaching. I have been more tired than ever (seriously more tired regularly than ever in a period of my life before- bad sentence structure I know), and I finally got really sick. I was sick the first day I was supposed to start teaching a class, but I got over it because it was some 24-hour flu bug, and I thought I could overcome all the flues and coughs and bugs, but after dealing with a bunch of sick kids (being close to them and telling them about assignments and the like), I got something awful of a cold.

I know this could be expected, but I have a point about student teaching. I easily could have called off (my teacher commented about my hacking cough the day before) and I could have called in because it was a short day. But I just took over my 3rd class and I felt more than just responsible for teaching the classes. I also wanted to go to the pep rally assembly. I really did. I like student teaching, and I like the kids, and I like that I care.

Not every day. Some days I hate it a little, or rather some hours I hate it a little, but overall it’s really grown on me. Yay!

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