Because I’m Attending a Job Fair Tomorrow- More Resume and Interview Tips

  • Have a powerful objective: objectives are one-line summaries of your resume. They clearly and concisely let a potential employer know what your goal is in looking for a specific job. While your objective may be “To get a job in the XYZ field—any job!!!”, ’tis necessary to put something like this “To obtain an upper-level management position in the coffee bean roasting industry that utilizes my extensive coffee expertise and stellar people skills” (Decent. I’d suspect them, but hire them).
  • Work history: up to 10-15 years of work history can be appropriate- for recent graduates list seasonal work “Summer 2005”, “Fall 2006”, with most recent being first of course.
  • Keep your purpose/field/objective/variety of experience in mind: what type of job is it? What is relevant? Create several resumes and tailor accordingly. Include even little jobs you had if they are relevant and remarkable.
  • Know your skills and be prepared to flaunt them in such a way as to appear that you are not flaunting them, but rather exuding them at all times: As stated- if you’ve got skills, show it. Show it like you know it.
  • Brainstorm some questions they might ask and answers you can give: with education, think of behavior management, lesson planning, educational philosophy, and so on and so forth.
  • Practice your wording and know your philosophies– Obviously you wouldn’t want to have stuff planned word for word and end up sounding like a robot or seeming rehearsed, but it’s good to know how you would describe yourself as en educator, or how you bring technology into the classroom or how you bring the language to life. Reflect on what is important to you and how you can convey your unique talents to separate yourself from other applicants.

I don’t really know how it will all turn out. I know I’m an awesome, energetic, and creative educator. I know I’m great with technology. Now we’ll see how well I can convey it in my words.

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