Prepping, Planning, Procrastinating

I’m getting excited about teaching, but also nervous about feeling unprepared. The best way to help this would be doing more “prep”. But it’s tough to do without a computer of any sort in my office, and without keys! The behind-the-scenes getting myself moved into the school involves a lot more emails and requests and details than I would have thought. I guess it’s a good lesson in taking charge and NOT PROCRASTINATING.

Procrastinating is a lot of what I’ve been doing. I told myself I would prepare and plan all of August, but I moved into a new apartment, and I have been working on getting this and that (I have keys to my classroom, but not my office yet), and I end up making a lot of excuses.

A teacher today did tell me that the students will probably be far behind what I think (as far as level of language mastery thus far goes) so that gives me more of an excuse to put off planning.

I guess the best idea would be to continue to acquaint myself with the material, and to finalize my syllabus. I do not think I’m going to include specific dates on the syllabus- just overall general coursework. I don’t want to do all that guess work and then have the kids get upset when the dates don’t match up.

I have a teacher planner that I bought at Office Depot (I believe it was there) and I think it will help with planning.

The next step to conquer is propelling my brain and motivation into gear, because time is flying by and September will come knocking soon enough.

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