Creating a French Course Syllabus

It has not been easy for me to decide what to put on my syllabus and what to leave out. Of course I want to include as much as possible, but right now I’m looking at 2 pages full of information and I will not let it run onto 3. Figuring out my focus and goals for the course has been a good process, and a fun challenge. I want to express that I care about the students learning not just the language, but the culture and other parts of it- and I hope that we will learn in ways that everyone can enjoy.

Multiple intelligences are big for me, and I want to teach and have activities in all areas so that students who learn better this way or that way will have instruction and experiences in their preferred learning style, and they will get a chance to strengthen their areas of learning difficulty.

It’s also hard to know what to do with the upper levels, as I’ve talked to last years’ French teachers, and they say the students might not be where I’d expect them to be (French 2’s didn’t get to past tense, etc.)

I want to go over coursework and grading, but not too much. And I have a whole paragraph on cheating. I suppose there are some things I could go over and reword or group better to make it shorter. In the end I think it is better to lay more of it out there to begin, because students will say “That wasn’t in the syllabus!

Hopefully I will get that Smartboard in my classroom before school starts so I can complement going over the syllabus with a nice Powerpoint presentation. But who knows- I still don’t even have akey to my own office!

Wish me luck (now I’m going to search on the internet for other teachers’ syllabi and input)!

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