So busy teaching- but here’s a memory from student teaching!

I will be writing posts about the beginning of school probably just around when school is over in June 😉 seriously, though, it has been a ton of work. I’ve made it through 4 days of teaching.

I was thinking back to student teaching and reflecting on having students make verb books. I did it for extra credit in my French 2 class and am going to require it in most, if not all, of my classes this year.

Student teaching taught me that while freedom in sentence-making is good sometimes, most of the time kids have a hard time coming up with whole sentences on their own. And sometimes, you get a gem like this, and just like my coop and I said “I’ll teach as long as they make me laugh more than they make me cry”:

"Are you losing weight this weekend?"

For those of you “non-French-speakers” the first sentence means:

“Are you losing weight this weekend?”

I had them come up with their own sentences for several required verbs, and this was one of the gemmiest of the gems.

And now I’m off to lesson plan until eternity.

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