1st full week over, time is flying and I am falling a little behind…

Every day this week I felt like I said “If I can just make it through classes today, this afternoon I’ll do lots of work and make the classes more organized with smooth transitions”. Every afternoon, I am tired, have lots of little busy work or meetings or whatnot, and next thing I know, if I eat dinner, or do anything to relax for a minute- it’s suddenly 8 or 9 pm. They day flies, and though I’m done teaching by 2pm, I never leave my office before 4 or 5 really. And I feel like I’m already slipping into chronic sleep deprivation!

I really need to just start using more of the resources that come with the book, even though I don’t like the book that much- isn’t that awful? It’s because the book is so old (over 10 years). It also has vocabulary that is too specific at times (like “a reclined seat”) which it took me a second to recognize. I will need to look into getting another method next year if I keep teaching here.

Allez, Viens was a good series they used where I student taught. It definitely had some imperfections, but it had a lot of good cultural information and excellent teacher’s guides and notes. Maybe I can get different book people to come present their series like someone did when I was student teaching. It was fun. Who knows if the school has that kind of money (or rather, if they’re willing to spend it on that). But it is very important to like the series.

That’s something I didn’t really think about- if you are interviewing and you know about book series- either ask what they use, or ask to see what the books they use are like.

So I’m off-topic, and that’s why I feel like I was falling behind this week. I worked a lot, but I also checked my email and read on the internet and maybe got coffee with a friend or two. I procrastinated. You can not be a procrastinator and be an organized teacher. It’s just too much work. I do like the freedom I have, but I wish it was a little more structured.

I am soooo tired still. More sleep would definitely help me think more clearly, be less tired so I could plan better in the afternoons, and I would probably even run class better and get more done.

Did I already share the quote I made up? “More than just a full-time job, teaching is a whole-time job!”

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