What did I teach my first week?

And the perfectionistic part of me asks “And why haven’t I put up any lesson plans like I promised?”. I’ll share a quick update of what I did in the first 8 days of teaching.

In all classes (French 1-3):

Words in English that came from the French – I found an old 2-page document that had some of these words organized by categories such as “Arts”, “Food and Dining”, “Home and Furnishing”, “Military” and others, and I truncated it (plus it was so old it was typed with purple ink). I put it onto 1 page with the category and then an example in each- and I had the kids try to think up words in each. They did a good job, and of course, my French 3 class did a much better job than the other levels. They even got a lot of words I hadn’t thought of! It’s a good activity and I shared that the purpose is to get them to see how much French they already know, and how many words we took from the French.

Why Speak French – I found a resource that gave 10 reasons for speaking French, then I had them think up their own or choose from the page. I also polled them about if they were there because they wanted to learn French or if it was because there is a 2 year language requirement, or if their parents wanted them to, or if they didn’t want to take Spanish……this was interesting. I had one girl whose brother has a French girlfriend. I had others who had taken Spanish for a few years and didn’t want to take it any more. I think it’s a fun and worthwhile activity.

Review– I started to get into some review with the French 2 and 3’s- mostly by doing activities where they were introducing themselves to their classmates and me. I had the French 2’s work with “aimer” and other activities. I gave a quiz to the French 2’s. I showed some videos (still don’t have a Smartboard unfortunately), and I did some readings with the French 3’s.

General French introductions for French 1– I let them pick French names- mais oui! I have them say “Bonjour Mademoiselle” and I am making them ask to go to the bathroom in French. I also went over classroom objects, some phrases (I have posters that I hold up that say “in French!” or “How do I say that in French?”), and we went over introductions, how-are-you’s, and goodbyes. I gave them a quiz over it as well.

I am trying to do a lot of cultural things (like showing an awesome rap about Paris from the Bienvenue series- it was so funny I could barely hold in my laughter). And I am trying to get the classes to speak in French and I will ask questions and have them respond with some French.

I need to plan and/or find some different ways to review/see what they know.

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