Teacher shoe recommendation= any Earth shoe (especially Misty)

Any good teacher can tell you how much standing on your feet and moving around you do in a day. I was so tired at first during student teaching and my feet got exhausted from wearing shoes I thought were comfortable when I tried them on in the store, but they ended up pinching or making my arches ache or my feet just hurt in general.

And then I got a pair of Earth shoes. I got them from Zappos.com because they have free overnight shipping- both ways. So if you don’t like the shoe for whatever reason you can send it back with paid shipping and get another size or color. Unfortunately I forget what the name of the first shoe I ordered was and I can’t seem to find it on their site right now. It is like the Misty 2, which is the second pair I recently ordered.

I read great reviews on zappos about most of the styles I looked at- and a lot of the reviews were from nurses and teachers who have to be on their feet a lot. I immediately noticed happier feet, literally minutes after putting them on and walking around. Though they are relatively expensive (I still feel like a poor college student and have the loans-I’m-paying-off to prove it!), run about $80-$130, but they are SO worth it.

I wore my first pair nearly every single day because they were so so comfortable. They were black and went with most of my outfits. The Misty pair I ordered from a different site (because of a 20% off coupon for a Labor Day special) are also quite nice. But beware if you order them in red- they stain my socks a little!

These shoes have made feet, knee, and leg problems (not to mention my arch problems- I have a high arch) a non-issue. And I love them. I like slipping in and out of the ones I have. I very highly recommend that if you’re a teacher, you try Earth brand shoes if you’ve been having aching feet. They are not bad looking either, in my opinion. Some of them are, but the ones I have look nice and modestly stylish.

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