Teachers don’t get paid enough…well, that all depends!

Without being too obvious, I want to touch on some thoughts I have. My boyfriend (whom I seldom see these days) told me I was doing way too much planning for what I’m getting paid. I am doing too much planning, and not enough creatively using the resources they have. They are not paying me to overcompensate for the terrible book series I’m working with. It’s not my fault that the levels are so screwed up because of troubles last year. And they haven’t yet given me a smartboard when I just might be one of the educational tech-savviest teachers they’ve got? I’m not trying to be conceited, but a few stressors in my life have made me realize I will never last at this rate. Not even through the year.

So I will adjust. Overall, I really don’t think teachers are paid enough. That said, teacher pay rates vary soo greatly. There are posh public schools in surrounding areas that I interviewed at or tried to apply to, and they pay very well, but have all of that standardized testing and tons of required paperwork or this-and-that.

Sure, public schools can pay nicely, but getting worked up about the behavior problems at a small religious school cannot even compare to the behavior issues in an inner-city public school. That would be crazy. But some teachers can thrive in it.

And then we have pay scales. First-year teachers? Bottom rate pay. If you have been teaching for years, and eventually get tenured- oh boy! Now that’s worth it! And- you already have your rhythm down and you can just tweak it and adjust to the technology and times. Ahhhh….looking forward…..awwww….

Then there are credentials- do you have a Bachelors? In what? A Masters? A doctorate? A Masters plus 560 credits?! That can really change things. For me, the Masters didn’t do too much, but it’s working alright (and will continue to pay for itself).

Public, private schools, and location. Not to mention region of the country! Boy do some states pay their teachers nothing! For me, I would be doing the same amount of planning and be getting paid only like 70% of what I’m getting now in some states. Or how about if I tried to teach in California? The pay is not that much higher, but the cost of living is WAY higher. And I’ve got bills and loans that do not change in amount much.

I do need to organize, more efficiently plan, and perhaps work something out with the teacher that’s supposed to be helping me. It’s tough cookies. Teeth-breaking cookies. Finally….

If you didn’t care about the kids or how things went, you could do minimal work and get through a year of teaching, but a) the pay is not all that much, and b) someone would probably notice and ask you to up the ante.

Then we have the old-timers who are getting paid quite a bit and do the same old thing every year, lecturing and turning-their-students-off-to-school-to-no-end.

Just some tired thoughts I’m having as I enjoyed the first night since I started teaching where I’m not frantically working for hours and not getting to bed early enough!

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  1. i agree teachers do not get paid enough for al this hard work,we take on multiple roles in the classroom.Mother.councellor,doctor,lawyer and so many others for what may i ask maybe enough to eat a healthy meal.

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