National Educators Association- don’t know a ton about it, but I do love their magazine!

I’m a member of the N.E.A. (National Educator’s Association) and I really like the magazine they send me about every month. It’s sometimes kind of dorky, but I guess that’s an obvious thing that can come along with being a teacher 🙂 It has a lot of good tips and ideas.

I was sad reading about how “getting a mentor” could be a great help. Well, technically, I have a mentor right now, but my situation is not a help.

Instead, I’ve had to find a way to allow her not just into my classroom, but also into my lesson plan. It was so bad, so fast that I had to really gather all my all, and ask for an official meeting. I’ve prepared my notes on the situation just as I would a lesson plan.

That way I will go in with a plan, lots of ideas, and hopefully I can keep the emotions out of it. More on this, as it develops. Aigh!

**Also, back to N.E.A. and their magazine…I teach for the kids. Truly. I’m always saying “I love these kids” or “I love this kid” while reading things they wrote or endearing errors they have made (not the repetitive mistakes). This women wrote in for the segment entitled “What I Hope Students Will Remember Most About Me”**

She says: “Above all else, I hope that my children will remember that I love them-I love them for who they are each day and who they will be in the future, and for everything they have overcome just to make it to school each day. I hope they will know that they are the reason I get up and go to work every morning, administration and NCLB notwithstanding. I hope they will know that the days when we bumped heads the hardest is when I loved them the most.”

I thought that was really cute, and true for me too. I really fondly look back on my student teaching and have such an affection for pretty much all of the students (even the trouble ones). If I were to write in on what I wanted students to remember me for, it would be the love, but it would also be for my amazing and awesome songs I made to help them remember things. (So far I may only have like one recorded verb song, but, I have time). So I will try to make things better with the administration because I love those kids!

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