Advice from a new procrastinator-pro teacher about planning over the weekends

I haven’t yet taken this advice, and I plan to not just “try”, but I plan to SUCCEED this weekend in doing work early. I am still getting over the nasty habit of procrastinating. And when the weekend comes, most new teachers are all “I needed this 3 days ago…bad”. This week I was really tired, and almost got sick. I’ll have to update about how my meeting went too (good overall, but interestingly interesting too).

My, oh my, for a “teacher of a language” I like to blog with such improper and informal language 🙂 . We had a nice talk about slang and old and new French in class which I liked (even though I was planning on drilling them the whole class because they had done so poorly on the review test!!!)

So my advice to teachers as far as weekends go are this- plan your time well. Put in a few hours at the end of the day Friday before you leave the office (ideal!), have some rest, maybe a walk, bath, or dinner, and do a few hours of light work Friday evening. This could be grading, organizing, reflection, upcoming plan ideas, what-have-you.

Doing a few hours on Friday is ideal, especially if you have an event on Saturday. You can do something Friday evening, maybe around 9pm after you’ve worked from 7:30-9 (and you worked from 2:30-4pm). That’s 3 solid hours. Saturday you could do an hour or two depending on how much you did Friday. You can fit it in somewhere!

(I know I will be sleeping in a bit on weekends until I get my schedule somewhere near acceptable (right now I sleep wayyyy too little)) But don’t sleep in too late. Get some exercise. Do something relaxing and non-school related. Have a glass of wine? (Getting drunk on the weekends is obviously not ideal for educators because a- it’s not good role-modeling and b- it takes up way too much time, and you don’t feel good after getting drunk!

Do have fun, see your friends, re-meet your boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse! Have a date, play with your kids (oh my! I can’t imagine having kids and teaching, but that’s probably because I’m a first-year teacher!!)

Whatever you do- do not save all your work for Sunday. If you’re a true procrastinator like me, you’ll probably get a little panicky and do even more effective procrastination, but still procrastinate (I will do my laundry, go shopping, blog (ha), call family- whatever it takes to make myself think I’m taking care of business- without grading and lesson-planning)

To recap:

1) Space out your work over the weekend

2) Prioritize and do work that seems appropriate for the given time of day/day of weekend

3) Take into account how busy your weekend is otherwise (hopefully not too much else going on) and do more work on the other days

4) Don’t stay up too late, don’t sleep in too late (I am a sinner in this category!), but, DO REST UP (mind and body)!

4) GET SOME DONE BEFORE SUNDAY- otherwise you will not just dread Sunday, but also Monday (2 days out of 7 is too many!)

I hope that helps, and I am off to do some of my Friday work 🙂

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