Busy as can be- there really are no breaks for 1st year teachers!

I have barely had the time to blog. Granted I could maybe make more time for it, but I’m too sleep-deprived to prioritize correctly. Instead I will occasionally watch TV, or every once in a while go out for dinner, and oh-dear-me I did have a get-together last weekend! There’s just so much work. And the crazy part is, at the school I’m at, I could do less, but I think they hired me because they could tell I am motivated to do my best, and to appropriately push the students.

It’s a lot of work- grading, putting grades into my gradebook and online, I’ve started putting the homework up online, I have to think of projects and the exams for the end of the trimester, I have several students who missed more than a week of classes I have to think about (and make decisions about reducing credit) and more.

Not to mention I am still in a sticky situation with my “mentor”. I have to come up with stuff for her to do (sounds like the opposite of mentoring, right?). But she did help me with some grading, which I think is mostly good.

I better go, and I hope I take my own advice this weekend!

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