Once You Hit Spring Break, the Year’s Nearly Over!

This is what a cousin of mine in his second year of teaching told me. At first I didn’t believe him, especially since my school has a really early Spring Break (beginning of March), but now that my long Easter weekend is here, I see what he was saying.

As the year turns into countable days left (the kids have a very accurate count of exactly how many days, and how many more school days there are remaining in this first year of my teaching), I realize that I am now looking at working backwards from the end of the year, to try and figure out what’s most important and what overall goals I’d like to see achieved by the end of the year.

And it’s crazy to think how few weeks are really left, and how I have an upcoming project, some important concepts for all levels, a few neglected activities, and then BOOM- it’ll be exams before I know it. I guess my pacing this year is really a practice test for next year, when I hope to have a much more solid hold on my plans. I anticipate some good outlining of possible time lines for each level, both because we’re getting a new book, and because I know a lot more about what to expect.

So I guess there is some logic to that reasoning after all. It’s going to fly, and then I’ll be writing backdated posts all Summer to make it feel like a worthwhile site to have 😉

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