My Oh May!

May has come and (almost) gone away!

And tomorrow, Saturday, I’m going to the graduation ceremony.

All that’s left is grading, and I got a good head-start on motivating myself to do it, because I had to turn in Senior grades early.

I can’t believe it’s the end of the year (I know- it’s not over ’til it’s over) but it’s here. I’m done teaching my first year of 4 different French classes (French 1, 2 French 2’s, and a French 3) and boy was it a year!

Of course I wish I had blogged more at the time, but I have plenty I’m really itching to talk about and the best part:

I’ll have the Summer to blog!

I know that’s not completely true, I’m sure I’ll be doing schoolwork (prepping with a new book!), and I’m going to have some side jobs, but I am so excited. I’m already really excited, and I know I won’t even realize it until a few days from now most likely.

Well, I better go tie up some loose ends, and/or do some grading, OH BOY!

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