A Turn for the Better

Sometimes life really is about how you approach it. I also believe in the philosophy of The Secret– the more energy you put into thinking about something (negatively or positively), the more will come out of it (negatively or positively, depending on what your stance is). The old “what you resist, persists”. I was starting to get in a bad mood about this year, before it began, based on some of the troubles of last year. And part of it has to do with personal matters which have caused me to lack enthusiasm for the upcoming year.

However, I know that, once it starts, I will remember the charm of those wacky high school students and their voyage into learning a wonderful foreign language. (I will also be reminded of why I hated them at times too).

Anyway, because of my lack of interest in thinking about school this Summer (natural for most teachers, isn’t it?!), I wasn’t on top of my setting-things-up game. I was preparing, but not attentively. Planning, but not adequately. I was scared because there weren’t even chairs in my classroom and it was mid-August!!!

And then I got chairs. And though I didn’t have bookshelves (moved into a new classroom), I’m going to get them tomorrow. And because I got up the guts to ask around, I will get a Smartboard for the beginning of school while I wait for one to be mounted and installed in my room.

Some teachers who stumble across this blog might be flabbergasted that I was upset about not having a Smartboard for a few weeks when they don’t even have enough chairs or books for their students. And I do sympathize with the upset feelings that can come with education, schools, funding and all of that unfairness. I am teaching in a private school (same school as last year), and every school has its ups and downs.

So I’m happy. I kicked this good thinking, good feeling stint off by marching over to the office where you get your keys (the guy was on vacation), and I got keys. I thought since he was out of the office I wouldn’t get any, but I wanted to see if his assistant knew if or when I could get them. And lo and behold, he was actually there! And I got keys that day!

I wonder how many teachers out there feel like nothing ever goes right for them, and how much that expectation sets them up for the same scenario to be recreated? Just like having low expectations (or even worse, biased expectations) can predict learning outcomes?

I know I may be getting a little too far into the mind-body-spirit side of things, but I’m just trying to remind other fellow teachers that you never know what might happen this year!

Today was a huge shift of attitude about this year, and it all started with moving a filing cabinet, sending an email or two, and a spark of belief somewhere in me that knows that it will most likely be an easier year than last year in many ways.

(Yes, I do still need to do some last minute cramming planning and classroom prep, but I know it’ll all pull itself together enough at least to get through the first few days until I can get a small break around Labor Day!)

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