Ejected the first student from class, ironically, long day. LONG.

A student made a few derogatory comments, culminating in a statement about teachers (or maybe just me) getting paid for doing @#$%. As in nothing.

I calmly told her to head down to the main office.

The irony of this situation is that not only have I been spending most of my waking time doing school stuff (and not getting enough sleeping time), but, especially because today was the “parents come to the school and meet the teacher yada yada” night, and here is my schedule:

5:20 am  –  get up. seriously!? yes, i have been getting up before 6, all the time.

before 6:00 am  –  at school. yes, over an hour before i have to be there. why? always more work i could have done, and who knows if the photocopier will be broken again?

7:15-2:15 –  school, including the disrespectful incident where the student insinuated i might be gettin’ paid for doin’ nothing…and she was the one trying to sleep, repeatedly, after my kind warnings.

3-6:30  –  who knows how that time flew so fast without me getting all my grading and prepping and everything else done, but it came and went, and suddenly…

7pm  –  parent come and meet the teacher night started.

915 pm  –  parent night thing over. exhausted. but made it through, relatively unscathed. although, i did learn about a few more things i have to do, emails, precautionary measures, etc…

i didn’t leave until 945pm, and, i have a little commute.

and now i still have a wee bit of planning, and however much grading i can get done, before i pass out, only to get up 5 hours later to start it all over again. luckily, minus the whole parent night thing.

anybody who says teachers get paid too much should try teaching for a month. because even just teaching alone takes a ton of time and energy.

and being a good teacher? a quality, professional educator?! i quit.

just kidding. i do it for the kids.

most of ’em.


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