The 12 Days ‘Til Christmas

That’s one thing I do miss about teaching at the religious school- I got to do a lot of fun Christmas-related activities which made everyone happy (and make time go more quickly, as, let’s face it, everyone wants Christmas vacation), and, it got me in the Christmas spirit. Right now, my state of mind is pretty wretched. I’ve been wanting to quit, which is ludicrous, but it is also ludicrous how stressed I’ve felt at times as well.

I can teach about Christmas-related stuff, as Noel is a French term, and there’s culture involved in it because ~97% of French people are Catholic. So, I’ll keep it PC and focus on the French, and add in a little something for everyone. And we can always get secular, n’est-ce pas?!

So I’m going to try and blog for the next 12 days, with a goal of getting somewhat closer to a state of a festive spirit. And, I’m hoping to inspire the children as well, whether they celebrate Hannukah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, or Festivus or something else!

Today I didn’t do anything at school geared toward the holidays. It was a difficult day. Wait, scratch that, I started to put up a long-delayed bulletin board with various posters of things talking about Christmas in France.

So that was a start, and this blogging kicks off (and up) some good cheer for me. Tomorrow, I’ll go over the “Holiday Wish” vocabulary sheet I handed out to one class on Friday. And I’ll finish that bulletin board!

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