Interview for an interesting teaching position

The timing is a little odd, it’s such a short maternity leave stint. And, it would start almost overlapping my other job 🙁

It’s very short. Her due date is the day she’s leaving, and she’s planning on coming back about 6 weeks later. So I guess it could likely be extended. And I don’t have much else right now.

It was the same situation as last time, a quick 2-part-combined-into-1 interview, where I taught part of a lesson and then did the interview.

I was probably the most relaxed I’ve ever been going into it, because, honestly, a lot of me was saying…”Hmm, I don’t know if I even want this job, or to even teach anymore!!!” 🙂

But it’s a GREAT school district, school, and the classes sound pretty good. I think the interview went well.

More on this later, I have to do so much, as the end of my semester is coming at the current school I teach at, and I need to clean up and clean out some of my stuff from the classroom, not to mention I’m behind in getting through the required material.

A day in the life of a teacher!

I’ll try to flesh this post out later with more details and some new thoughts I had from that interview!


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