Why is it that planning for a sub takes like 3 times as long as planning for teaching your own lesson?!

Well, I guess it’d help if you’d planned the lesson out very well, and very much in advance.

And, I guess it’d get easier if I had a more thorough go to basic overview.

And, it would definitely be easier if I were in my own, long-term classroom.

Maybe I shouldn’t give up on teaching just yet, but, man, it is so much harder to plan for a sub- it almost makes it so you can’t enjoy having the time off. And if it’s due to sickness, that’s even worse. Being home sick and not enjoying yourself is the worse, and then coming back to more work.

But seriously, planning for a sub can take MASSIVE amounts of your time. Here are some tips to help make it a lot easier for yourself:

-Have a student info quick overview

-Have a basic information page

-If your school doesn’t have you make an individualized sub folder with all the goodies (schedule, info sheets, etc…), make one!

-More to come later, I’m still recovering from my 12+ hour AT THE SCHOOL day (I’ve been having a lot of those!!!)

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