Wisdom from the Wise

“Teacher is more than just a full-time job, it’s a whole-time job” ~Myself

I need to incorporate more quotes into this blog. Just as with all things in life, it’s about achieving a balance. A yin and yang. And, from a lot of things I’ve read, not just that statistic about teacher dropout, but also on forums, from googling, and from this one website I’ve got to reference (I think it’s something like ‘so you want to be a teacher, huh? really?!’), it can be uber-stressful.

Sure, being a CEO of a high profile company could be very stressful too. But being in charge of the education, wellbeing, and essentially the future of so many kids, and all the other jazz, is a huge load. It can be both a blessing and a curse. Or rather, it is a uniquely amazing opportunity to really be able to make a change in so many people’s lives. Because, it’s not just the students you may be inspiring, but it goes forward into their future, and all the people they affect and the things they do.

So of course it takes a lot of work and has a high potential for getting very tough.

But with great burden comes great responsibility. Or something similar. Teachers are a powerful force. I just wish they got paid more. Maybe I should find an area where they pay more for higher-quality teachers 😉

When I recently saw some former students and they expressed that classic “I didn’t know how awesome you were at the time, but now I miss and love you and blablabl…” (if you’re a good teacher, you know what I’m saying!). It is so touching. And it means so much.

Just like that beautiful plaque my Dad got me, the quote on it is true: “TEACHING OPENS THE HEART…THE MIND…THE WORLD”.

Wow, I just inspired myself heavily!

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