My (and Your) Dreams Are Coming True!

As I’m working at my new maternity leave job, trying to figure out what to do with some of the worksheets left to me, without hard copies, I realized I have had a tool at my house all along that I could be using to easily scan documents, and then upload and create PDFs. This site’s tagline is “My Teaching Experience from Student to Professional with Lesson Plans“, after all, isn’t it?! I’ve put up a fair amount of information, but the lesson plans and resources at your disposal are lacking.

Well, now everything’s changed (or it’s about to!) One of my most frequented posts on Bloom’s Taxonomy recently received a comment saying they wished there were a PDF. And voilà! (I just added it, hopefully my reader checks back)

Update: here is a downloadable PDF of this Bloom’s Taxonomy sheet!

Bloom’s taxonomy word list

I imagine plenty of people will enjoy that, and, as time permits, the other PDFs I’ll be uploading. I must admit, I had to trace over the letters so it’s not as beautiful as a concrete sequential perfectionist might like, but it’ll do for now considering I’m only making money day-to-day teaching, and not even getting benefits anymore 🙁

But, in a dream I have, I have a half-time job, and the other half of my job and income are from writing, blogging, sharing, etc…making catchy educational French songs.

A woman can dream.

My plan is to create categories- French worksheets, Educational information, and Lesson Plans. Then, when this blog does become a hobby I have much time for, I’ll create spectacular powerpoints and other fun resources and activities. A dream I truly have is to one day be able to put up a ton of stuff, and either offer it for free (if I got enough traffic or won the lottery and didn’t direly need more income), or, for an affordable price (as a teacher I know sometimes I really want these resources people have, but don’t have ANY extra money to shell out), or, for a donation…we’ll see. For now, I’m going to start adding some freebies!

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