Good Idea For Getting Parents On Your Side

If a student is misbehaving in class, you may already know that you’ll have to try a variety of disciplinary techniques to resolve the issue. Sometimes a student struggles with class preparedness or using work time effectively.

Here is a helpful example of a sheet you can send home to the parent or guardian to enlist their help with getting the student back on track.

Dear Parent/Guardian,

I need your help. Your child would be better prepared to learn if they:

____ remembered to bring the materials they need to class

____ completed homework ____ class work assignments

____ were less chatty/social ____ listened to class lessons/discussions more attentively; ____ actively participated

____ came to class on time

____ reviewed/studied for tests & quizzes

____ stayed after school to review ______________________________

Mr./Ms./Mrs. (your name here) is available on:  _________________________

Please speak with your child about taking responsibility for his/her own learning. I appreciate your assistance and cooperation. Together, we can help your child succeed.

Parent signature: ______________________________   Date: _______________


It’s as simple as starting with that. This is important for a number of reasons, one of which being that it is a proactive way to start dealing with misbehavior. Another obvious reason is it involves the parents and can help make them aware of what is going on with their child’s performance in your class. It is helpful to communicate in this way, and whether you choose to email it or hand a paper copy to the student/parent, you have a track record of your efforts toward positive and effective classroom behavior management!

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