My New Teaching Gig: Building Substitute

So I subbed a bit over the last two years. I was so thrilled when I had relocated and got called in for an interview at a prestigious local school district (more on my job search, desired teaching gig decisions, and interviews to come!).

Long story short, I ended up being their first pick for the building substitute for a middle school! I am so excited, and it starts shortly, and I’m also admittedly scared about having to get up a couple hours earlier than I have been- most days of the week!

I knew that if I tried to pursue subbing out here on my own, though I applied to many districts, I didn’t know if I’d likely get enough work to make a good and stable income.

The pay isn’t terrific if you compare it to a full-time teacher’s salary (and that’s kind of sad right there!), but I do think that for me, not having to do planning and grading will be worth the cut in pay.

Since I have a good amount of subbing under my belt, I know to go in with a “firm but fair attitude” and make it work for the day.

Here are some thoughts (before starting) on the job of building sub (which I didn’t read up on before going into the interview- whoops!):


~Knowing where you are going to sub each day
~Not having to do to different schools, have different commute times, and different pay rates
~Establishing a presence and getting to know students and staff to help you feel more connected
~Being guaranteed a good number of days (150 in my case!)
~Could definitely lead to a full-time position at the school or district down the road


~Takes away some of the freedom and flexibility people might associate with choosing subbing.
~May prevent you from getting a different long-term or even full-time teaching position that opens up (I got an email from a charter school right after accepting the position, but I had one good and one bad experience at different charter schools, and I also didn’t want an extra 30 minutes added to my commute!)


That’s all I got for right now, but I will be a) trying to update this blog more (to include some thoughts from subbing and seeing a lot of different schools and behavior management systems!) and b) I will most certainly be updating you on my path of learning how to be a stellar building substitute!


See my update here!

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