Pennsylvania Act 48 PDE SAS – how to use this system and make the most of it!

Pennsylvania Act 48 PDE SAS – how to use this system and make the most of it! (coming soon!!)

I had a little trouble at first figuring out how to sign up for the free professional development classes, but once I did figure it out, I was so glad! It was very useful in helping me accrue over 100 hours of Act 48 Professional Development!

From their site: 

The Pennsylvania Department of Education provides FREE online courses for PA certified educators to earn Act 48 hours through PDE’s Standards Aligned Systems web portal.

To access these FREE online courses, please go to: and follow instructions listed below:

  •           At top right of page, click on LOGIN
  •           On the next page, click on JOIN NOW
  •           Follow the instructions
  •           Once you have logged on, at top of page, click on TEACHER TOOLS (a toolbox icon)
  •           Next page, click on the PD CENTER (a file drawer icon) near bottom of page
  •           Click on REGISTRATION to see the information regarding the new FREE courses

If not presently teaching in a classroom, choose only those courses beginning with SASPD.

I completed over 100 hours of work using these courses, and once I got the hang of it, though dry, they did provide me with some useful knowledge. I tried to share this with other colleagues who were also subs, because it can be so hard for subs in PA to get their act 48 hours (especially if you don’t have the money to take courses). 

Most of the assignments I did were fairly easy if you read the materials. I was getting great grades, often 10/10 or 15/15, so tried to do less work as I had so many hours to make up. I still would get close to or almost always full credit, and could have stood to spend less time on it. Luckily I had the time at that point in my life without being forced to be the sole income provider.

More to come…

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