Last test ever is done. Now it is time for me to give the tests!

I took the Comprehensive Exam administered by my Graduate School program yesterday morning. I am so bad at studying and preparing that I realized I didn’t even remember if it was Oral or Written. It was written- luckily- it lasts three hours!

They gave us a theme based on an article from an educational review. Basically the theme was diversity and how there is a boom in the increase of diversity in a changing student population. This includes English language learners, children with diverse special needs, and a larger representation of diverse ethnicities and cultures.

We had three different essays to write from a choice of six. I was and wasn’t surprised at how much overlap occurred in each question- I guess that’s just how it is when there is only one theme and because they were from all the core basic courses and education is all linked together.

I feel like I passed, which would be good, because it is a major requirement for graduating. I would get another chance if necessary, but I do not want to do that again- my finger got sore and red where I was holding the pencil the most. It was also be nice to just be finished with taking tests.

That seems weird. I do not enjoy tests, but I recognize their importance. Standardized testing, on the other hand, is something I have much more negative feelings about. Which will be interesting to see when I student teach (to see if it seems like the teachers are driven primarily by standards or if they seem to be “teaching to the test”).

For now, I’m going to relax, and wait to hear about my student teaching placement, and maybe add some more educational theory to this site. Not to mention wait for both my Praxis II and Comp results (but not with much feeling either way).

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