Critical Reflection in teaching & learning

-Critical reflection is a structured process used to deeply consider important turning points in information learned.

-Critical reflection is intended to lead one to action.

-Why become a “reflective practitioner”?

  • teacher actions are typically automatic
  • teacher actions are rooted in years of observation and participatory experience
  • teacher actions are most often guided by gestalts
  • as stress levels rise, automatic responses become more prominent
  • as a result- teacher behaviors that may be skewed by personal bias and/or self-need

-the Critical reflection process

1) Name
2) Reflect critically
3) Act

-skewing factors to consider- objective vs subjective perception, bias, programming

Critical reflection is about mastering information learned and applying it to real-life by taking the conclusions drawn from the information in a more objective, non-biased way, and acting on them to recycle the content back into the world as something that changes and grows.

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