Qualities that make a poor Foreign Language Teacher

After discussing the Qualities that make a good Foreign Language Teacher, we discussed the flip-side, which the teacher called the “disablers”, and yes, you could argue a lot of the opposites of that post would fit, but here are some additional things no one likes in a teacher:

  • no real-life application, teaching by the book with no supplemental or diverse activities
  • not having mastered content, having a bad accent
  • no scaffolding or helping with in-between, bridging
  • not challenging enough, on the flip-side is too much challenge especially with grammar and spelling for example in introductory language classes
  • lack of preparation, not having answers for student questions they’re interested in
  • no clear, appropriate expectations, unequal, poorly laid-out instruction
  •  lack of passion

Look at the good qualities to get more examples of what to do vs. what not to do, and, as always, use students’ input to see if your specific methods fit for them.

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