Back to School

After all these months of no school and little work, I’m back to full daytime school (it’s been about three years since I had that), and it’s tough. I took a nap this evening and I thought I got a decent amount of sleep (~6 hours, but I’ve been getting at least 8-10). Also, the first two weeks is composed of seminars, and we start at 9am, whereas the school day not only begins at 7:30am, but this morning they told us we have to be there at least 30 min. early every day! I have to get up before 7a.m., which some people regularly do, but it’s making me reconsider the whole teaching thing. Complaints aside, I’m glad I made it through the first day of being back to class, and it wasn’t a horrible experience, but it was a little daunting to have long seminars and to hear about all we’ll have to do in the next four months.

They want us to go to all sorts of school functions, meetings, planning, and get involved in a lot of education/teachery aspects of this experience, which makes sense, but makes me worry about making money while not teaching for free (which they urged us not to do so nothing interferes). Going bankrupt would interfere with student teaching, and I do not have enough saved to live off of, au contraire, nothing near that.

Alas, I am complaining again. I told myself to get ready, but who knew I would be forced to buy an expensive textbook (for the 8 class sessions we have together) and read three chapters in one night. Ugh. At least it’s in progress, whether or not I like it, and whether or not I am ready.

Back to homework that cannot be procrastinated.

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