Ideal Student-Teacher Relationship Characteristics

-not forced, the teacher is not trying to be the student’s “friend”
-don’t actually say that you care, just show that you care, through your actions
-be knowledgeable
-plan lesson that gets students interested, challenging but not too much so
-participate in school activities, spirit week, and/or other extracurriculars (be there, don’t make it obvious or “embarrass” students who might not want to see teachers out of class)
-give quality, meaningful feedback in a timely and considerate manner
-giving kids a chance to give their own feedback, and not in front of all the other students
-get to learn kids in many ways
1) journals
2) lunch duty
3) diversified groups
4) be in the halls before or after class
5) use names in problems, tests

These are just a few of the ways we came up with in discussion in class today, and there are many others. Feel free to add one!

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