What It Takes To Be A Teacher

Everything. It Takes Your All, Your Best, AND MORE!

(I’ll be updating this as I continue to teach more)

  • Organization: Something I’m somewhat lacking :-/But it is also a skill I’m working on developing. There is so much to think about and to remember- in the classroom while you’re teaching a class, outside of class, in the communication department, and events and schedule changes, and papers, PAPERS, PAPERS!!!
  • Passion: If you don’t live for your subject (or for teaching (sharing and creating knowledge) itself) then you shouldn’t be teaching it. It’s not worth the money for how much work and energy you put in. If you’re not putting in energy and work you are really doing a disservice to young humans who will grow up to run the world. If you’re a seasoned teacher and you love it, that’s great. And please try to incorporate a variety of technologies into your course to connect with students these days.
  • A positive, long-term attitude: (read about “Totally Positive Teaching” here) Remember some days are just plain rough and don’t beat yourself up. Focus on the long-term by having overarching goals, and remember you have to get through the nuts and bolts of brush technique to end up with a beautiful painting.
  • Personal health life skills: Personality traits like worrying, perfectionism, and self-consciousness will quickly scare a teacher right out of the classroom. You need a well-rounded personality, and your mental health needs to be in order too. I’ve read that a lot of teachers can get depressed for a number of reasons (including feeling isolated in their job, and because of all the pressure and stress), so watch out for that! Teaching will challenge your mental, emotional, and physical well-being so take care of yourself. And that includes staying healthy (which is a challenge when sickness circulates the school).
  • An appropriate sense of humor: This goes along with personality, but if you can’t laugh things off relatively easily, then you will end up harboring negativity and it will only increase. Sometimes students made me want to cry, but often times I would laugh at their silliness, and bringing realistic humor into the classroom helps a day go more smoothly and enjoyably.
  • Experience– if you want to not just teach, but be a great teacher, it will take some time. Not just time allotted to planning and instructing, but it will happen over the years. And there must be a steadfast determination involved in the soul of the teacher, who knows how great the rewards of teachign can be. Just like many things, the more positive attention you pay to things, the more positivity will come of it. That said, I don’t know about my experience :-/

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