All About Me


Je m’appelle Mlle. Teach et je suis prof de français! That says that I finally landed myself a job as a teacher. I am proud to have completed my Master’s program- the inspiration for this blog was the “Summer Practicum” (’07), and I continued it through my student teaching (Spring ’08) and now it will follow my professional educator’s career (from Fall ’08 and on). I’m here to share the whole thing to hopefully provide insight, wisdom, humor, misery, sympathy- anything that comes with learning to be an effective teacher.

My background and motivation:

I adore French and foreign languages. I love quality websites and wanted to start one since day one of my Masters degree. I also have a website that is continually a work in progress, but is essentially an educational French language learning site. This website is where I want to share my personal experience of pre-teaching, student teaching, and any other information I come across.

I have studied French since I first could (8th grade), so that makes it well over a decade at this point. Teaching French has helped me keep up on my French, but going to France would be better! I realize I need to work harder on keeping up with my French and the culture!

I went to France for two weeks after junior year of High School and loved it!!! I knew I had to major in French so I could study abroad. During college, I did have the delightful opportunity to do a whole year there- in a small, quiet town my first semester, and in Paris! the second semester. I did an internship in an art studio where I even read stories to French children- in French, and painted with other French adults. So many great experiences!

I decided to major in French in college and to pursue further study in Education so I could teach it to share my love of it. I finished my Masters of Education in 2008 and obtained a teaching certificate in the prestigious state of Pennsylvania! I survived a first year full of ups and downs and realized teaching is a more-than-full-time job! I intend to continue to share my thoughts, ideas, and lesson plans and materials for teaching French as I go through my second year of teaching 3 levels of high-school French.

Update Dec. 2010- I left the tiny private school I was teaching at to jump into a chance in the high-paying PA public school realms. Well, it’s been tough. I thought I was young and able as far as “a lot of paperwork” goes, but they aren’t kidding. It’s massive amounts of organization, distractions (in my opinions), and it’s led me through a lot of frustrating times. But, it’s had its ups and downs. Each school has its pros and cons. I’m here on a maternity leave position, which will end in just over a month. I’m now considering not teaching. We’ll see what happens. If I don’t teach, though, I will undoubtedly stay linked to the teaching world in one way or another.

Perhaps, even making a teaching blog be one of my jobs and hobs.

Update (Jan-)April 2011- after a truly challenging semester at a public high school with block scheduling, I almost didn’t want to teach anymore :-/ I think getting through the 1 year, then 3 year hump, would be a lot easier if done in a school you really like, with your own classroom. Although I sort of had that chance at my first school, it wasn’t exactly a good match for me longterm. The subbing job I took split between a middle-school and high-school has helped me regain some perspective. I remember why I wanted to teach French. Middle-schoolers can be really fun and cute, and we have a great time together. Their misbehavior is different than the high-schoolers. Once I got used to it (and remembering yet again just how much older I am than them), it became easier to manage and move on. Unfortunately this is another subbing job, so I won’t even be there until the end of the year. But I’m glad I took the jump and have tried out different schools, levels, types of schools, a bit of it all! We’ll see what happens, I am probably going to sub the year out and then think of a plan for next year. I might take a break from teaching. Stay posted, I know you’re on the edge of your seat right now 😉

Update April 2011- as I am now finished my subbing position, I am taking a break from teaching to try something else out. But, hopefully I can use this blog as a place to share, vent, reflect, and help myself go through the process of seeing if I want to teach in the Fall, and where- in what type of school. Economy depends as well, I know. For now, job-wise, I’ll be alright, but it will be weird working a lot instead of having  a flexible Summer!

Update September 2015- after temporarily switching career paths over two much-needed years (due to deaths in the family), I got back to teaching in 2014. I did a French enrichment program at a charter school, and I do intend to write more about that. I also am now substitute teaching (as they did not have funds to re-hire me in 2015). I have been subbing anything from K-8 to Spanish to PE! I do like subbing, and I approached it with a firm but fair classroom management approach, which I felt more confident with after taking some time off teaching.

Update September 2016- I am back on the east coast, whereas the subbing and charter school were done during my time in California, and I am now subbing in the academically prestigious state of Pennsylvania. I am subbing in a great school district and here’s a bit more info on what happened with my applying and jobs and certifications and whatnot!

Update June 2017- I feel so fortunate to have had a long-term (informally- i.e. without a contract and benefits, but, so be it!) sub job in an autistic support classroom that had inclusion into Kindergarten and I loved being in that class! I also subbed the remainder of the year in a much older grade, which I did not enjoy as much. I am glad I know where I want to be, and I am studying for the PECT PreK-4 test to be able to teach younger elementary students. The subbing was very helpful for me to see that I could indeed take on a variety of roles with relative ease (I do think my flexibility and perseverance are great strengths in this subbing world!).

I am looking for and applying for a variety of jobs now in both PA and NJ and we shall see if I can obtain a FT position in the fall!

Merci pour votre visite!