Teaching Tools

On this page I intend to share some teaching tools (resources, online links, programs, tricks, tips, etc…) to help teachers out! 🙂

Grading Programs

I’ve used a few different ones in my various experiences. I intend to discuss the pros and cons I found with engrade, gradequick, and a few others not-yet-to-be-named.

I prefer ENGRADE because of its online accessibility, and new improvements (you can now add personalized quizzes, lessons (with attachments), and flashcards!). It can be slow at times, but I haven’t found that to be a huge problem at any point.

Online language-learning sites to aid instruction

Believe it or not, I have another website with tons and tons of great information about learning French, and the many wonders of computer and other online resources. I just can’t link it up to this personal blog at this point 🙂

QUIA is an obvious winner, but this year my school didn’t pay for an account so it’s been tougher to use. I can’t make my own games, and I can’t edit games if I see one I like that has errors, or adapt it.

QUIZLET is also a great site. I haven’t used it extensively, but do refer my students to use it.

See if your school doesn’t already have a subscription to quia or other similar sites, or ask if you can get it covered.

More to come

If I end up not teaching, or finding a little more time (when does that ever happen for teachers!?!), I will be updating this, and other pages. This is not an empty promise. I am invigorated by a recent realization that this blog, lying practically untouched, has been getting a lot of hits unbeknownst to me!

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