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Bonjour! I finished my Masters of Arts in Education with certification to teach French (K-12). I now have experience teaching in a small private high school and a huge public high school, as well as another private religious school, and a middle school! I am very excited to share the whole experience- way back when I was still just a student, and now as a beginning teacher, and hopefully all the way until I’m tenured! I want to share my experiences, resources, and research.

I love French and languages, and I love learning and learning about learning (metacognition). I am lucky to have received a comprehensive and varied education and feel pretty positive about it overall. The less than positive areas are what bring me to the teaching field. Yes, I know it will be challenging (and probably lower pay than it’s worth). I don’t care for now. I probably will if I keep making what I am now, but I foresee a long-term future goal of opening my own school or language learning center someday.

This site follows me on the journey of going from being a student, to being a professional, teaching French, and all the ups and downs along the way. I have added a lot of educational theory and will continue to do so. Some of it I did not write myself, so I can’t take all the credit (especially not for theories!), and a lot of it is from notes or workbooks from school, so if any author sees something they wrote and has an issue with me sharing it, please contact me and I will be happy to take it down.

Merci to one and all who stop by, leave a comment, and hopefully you will learn something about teaching or French or learning itself!

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