Tips for maintaining gender fairness in the classroom

1) Do group work to try and promote group unity and harmony

2) Don’t make stereotypes, use activities for both genders

3) Have boy/girl sports and sports teams, clubs, and classes

4) Keep in mind- As students start to get peer groups boys tend to be in larger groups that involve physical contact (ie roughhousing), girls tend to be in smaller, more intimate groups with talking as the main focus

5) Make fair groups that encourage fairness and sharing

6) Instruction- do not show them emotions, help them learn when to show/not show emotions
6a) Discipline- learn to deal properly with the emotions of a “problem child” as well as all student

7) Consider others’ feelings- taking in moral considerations from one’s culture and advances in thinking; this allows for a better understanding of moral issues

8 ) Divorce in the family- girls may get anxious, inhibited, withdrawn, may have delayed reaction to stimuli/information; boys may be angry or aggressive

9) Be aware- Boys tend to receive more positive feedback, girls get more criticism. Girls are better behaved and boys get more interaction and then attention.

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