Considerations when Planning Instruction


-a statement that suggests what people should know
-expectations for a certain grade level
-individualized education plan
-content areas
-goals/criteria level
-assessment to make sure they’re met
-mission statement
-application to real-world problem solving
-students should know the standards before the fact

Instructional Strategies (questioning, different methods used to involve students in learnings like reading material or field trips)

-accommodation for different types of learners
-hands-on application, groupwork

Motivation (drive, desire, need/ extrinsic vs. intrinsic)

-positive reinforcement
-getting parent support and involvement
-build from students’ current level of ability
-intrinsic vs. extrinsic (don’t depend solely on extrinsic, vary)
-nonpunitive criticism (constructive criticism)


-take into account strengths/weaknesses
-educational materials
-hearing/visually impaired
-modify for special ed/learning ability differences
-adaptive equipment
-language barriers (ESL)
-immunity from disciplinary measures (EBD, ADD)

Management & Pacing

-blocking time management
-prepare and practice
-switch up activities based on difficulty/desire
-awareness of students’ individual needs
-team approach (inside & outside class)
-planning ahead
-class period schedule
-safe environment

Media & Materials

-age appropriate
-politically correct
-technology- TV, radio, computer, print, journal, books
-available in classroom/easily accessible
-good school library for resources

Assessment (measuring learning)

-formal and informal
-measure how well you achieve your goals as teacher
-local, state, federal
-examining instructional strategies
-naturalistic environment, generalization
-consider individual strength
-measured by standardized tests or individualized testing


-divide by scholastic ability/achievement
-diversity in student groups (homogeneous vs. heterogeneous)
-cross-subject integration
-relate to peers
-awareness of temperaments
-special needs

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