Bandura’s Social Learning Theory

Bandura believed there was more to the theory of behaviorism (a person’s environment causes their behavior). He asserted that there was a reciprocity between the two, and later added that a person’s psychological processes affected the relationship as well. The psychological processes, such as processing imagery and language make his theory lean more towards cognitivism.

Attention- must be aware of input, factors such as emotions, hunger, sleepiness all affect attention; attention is higher when subject is colorful or flashy, attractive, or akin to oneself

Retention- must be able to remember what you paid attention to; imagery and language important here

Reproduction- must imagine repeating information, practicing, visualization can improve results

Motivation- need motivation to produce information, whether through past, promised, or vicarious reinforcement


For more information, check out Bandura’s Social Cognitive Theory page, from where this information was derived.