Gregorc’s 4 Learning Styles

The styles deal with how learners perceive (or obtain new) information (between concretely and abstractly) and how they order (how they grasp and arrange information) it (between sequential and random). Concrete learners would prefer using the 5 senses, while abstract learners prefer the symbolic or through emotion and feeling, or intuition. Concrete learners like order and sequence when learning new information; random learners are not so concerned with this and will often create their own order.

Concrete Sequential (CS)- perceive in a concrete way and order sequentially; practical, predictable, organized, structured

Abstract Sequential (AS)- perceive abstractly and order sequentially; studious, analytical, conceptual, critical

Concrete Random (CR)- perceive concretely and order randomly; investigative, intuitive, problem solvers

Abstract Random (AR)- perceive abstractly and order randomly; sociable, imaginative, expressive

Teachers can use a style delineator, which is a five minute test to discover what type of learning style a student may be. Teachers can help students utilize their strong suit of learning style and work on improving their weak. Teachers should also vary instruction from each of the four styles, or create adaptations such as bridging, variation, or choice, when using one specific style in instruction.

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