Too Young To Teach?

I’m just past the mid-20’s mark. I know there are teachers under 20 out in some classrooms. But I occasionally think I’m too young to teach. Now what does that mean? I feel like in general young teachers might not get as much respect as older teachers. On the other hand, I think they can be respected and be part of a healthy classroom environment because they might incorporate more technology or be able to relate appropriately to the students.

In my case I literally feel like I’m too young to believe in myself as an efficient, quality disciplinarian. I also realize that I shouldn’t have cracked a smile before Christmas.

I think I’m doing a great job of bringing in technology and balancing learning with fun in ways they can relate to. I have a website that I put up the homework, reference links, and also online games and activities they can hopefully enjoy (while they’re texting and IMing and watching TV and everything else).

I’m not good at being stern. Sometimes I’m too tired to care. Other times I’m more tempted to laugh. And I do not have a good teacher’s look mastered.

It’s something to think about, and I’m not married yet, and I’d like to be someday, and I’m not going to find anyone at the school to get into a relationship with- they’re all either married or old 🙂

I could see myself coming back to it later, but maybe I should give it 4 more years! before I hastily give up. We’ll see how the next few months go.